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Where Has the Time Gone?

Hello again dear friends, as the weeks slip by and Christmas rapidly approaches I can’t help but step back and take stock of the fact that I have lived in Costa Rica now for over three months. That’s incredible – the time here has flown by; I can vividly remember my first few days here as if they were only last week. The other day I was walking down one of the main streets in my neighborhood and I harkened back to the first time that I ventured out onto that particular street – it seemed so huge and confusing and just a little bit frightening – I remember telling myself that I would avoid this thoroughfare as much as possible. Now Quesada Duran and San Francisco (my neighborhoods) feel so small and familiar, I know the best vendors, the quickest shortcuts, many of my neighbors and the best pizza joint; funny how 3 months can change things. Even more amazingly, Language School is coming to a rapid close for the semester, 6 days of classes left – !Gracias a Dios! I’m thankful for my tim…