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Let's Give 'Er Another Shot

Holy Hannah has it been a wild two weeks here in Honduras – I hardly know where to begin. When last I left you I had just returned from my visa renewal in Costa Rica, looking like a Marine and feeling like a Champ for being able to read a book in the Mother Tongue. I believe I left you with the impression that life here was kind of slowing down and that it might be a while before anything of note came down the pike. How wrong I was - two days after writing that the roller coaster began and it still really hasn’t stopped. This is gonna be a longer post methinks mostly because I have a veritable cornucopia of photos to choose from and so many are blog-worthy this time around; so hold on tight, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea if you're my mother) and enjoy the sights. Oh, on the weather front: after a week of nary a cloud in the sky we've returned to the daily monotony of rain, rain and more rain...not that I'm complaining, sometimes I prefer it but I just thought I'…