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Some Random Thoughts...

So I thought I'd add a few fotos of some things I've seen around Ceiba.

How we make coffee in Central America, with a tastes much better
Watching the Parade

School Days

Cotton-Candy ManAmen!

Where to Begin

So I think of come to a conclusion – I suppose it’s something I’ve realized all along, or at least it’s an idea that I would have given intellectual consent to, but perhaps I never truly believed it or put it into practice because I never really had to. Those that have followed my blog or have talked to me recently by either phone or email have been aware of the fact that I have been struggling lately with letting go of situations that I can’t control; of trusting people that I love but am separated from, to the care of God…and being ok with that. Prior to moving to Honduras I suppose I would have professed the idea that ultimately God is in control of everything and nothing that we can do as fallible and error-prone humans can compare to the omnipotence of Him. In actual belief however, meaning what my actions proved my true beliefs to be, I don’t think I’ve ever really trusted God with other people…with me, with my life, with my successes and my dismal failures, yes…but never with t…

Espereme Por Favor

So I know I promised a post today but upon my arrival in the office and to my shock and horror I was informed that a group of MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Gringo types were coming and it would be my responsibility to take the swimming at the beach. What a rough life I lead. Obviously my sojourn in them ocean will incapacitate me today but expect to read a new post tomorrow. Peace Out!

- Matt

Wait Patiently

I'm taking this week to collect my thoughts and fotos but come Monday I will have a new post highlighting my time with the Anabaptists from Frazer Mennonite Church and their foray into La Ceiba and surrounding environs. Blessings to you and Peace!

- Matt

Costa Rican Continuations

So where did we leave off yesterday...ah yes, with a trip to Ojo de Agua and Breakdancing classes. Lalo forgive me but I'm going to poach one of your fotos of Dylan at the waterpark - it's awesome: VeracruzTo give some history, Jeffrey used to live in San Jose with his mother and oldest brother where he worked but didn't attend school. This past March his mother enrolled him in a private high school where he's been attending ever since. In May Jeffrey's mother and brother moved back to Veracruz, 9 hours away from San Jose to take care of his grandmother but they left Jeffrey with a good family so that he could complete his studies in high school. When I arrived he was on vacation visiting his family and he invited me up to Veracruz to stay with them for a few days. I took the 9 hour bus ride and spent a lovely few days getting to know all of his extended family in Veracruz.
Jeffrey's mother, Maria

Waiting for the bus Little Cousin
Jeffrey's Grandmother Behind th…