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Showing posts from February, 2008

Hasta Luego

Sorry to say dear freinds that this maybe the last of my verbose, long-winded blog entries for quite a little while. I was robbed the other night and my computer was stolen along with various other things. This means of course that my ability to compose novellas in the comfort of my bedroom has been retarded a little bit. Please don't go running headlong for the nearest cliff, I'll still be able to post, it just won't be quite so wordy....let's think of this as more of a foray into a pictoral analysis of Costa Rica.
Anyways, once I am able to procure a new laptop I will resume with the longer entries and attempt to finally publish my second and long-in-coming newsletter. Thanks for understanding and check back in about a week. Peace!

- Matt

Losing My Touch

Well, well, well, so you’ve returned – thanks. It’s nice to know that somebody is reading these things; otherwise this would be a horrific exercise in futility. Admittedly this week has not been one of astounding accomplishment but not to fear; I’ve dug up and decided to write on some more “existential” themes. That’s a nice way to say that I’m really reaching for ideas here. I’ve expressed to not a few friends that I feel as though I’m losing my ability to observe things in a new and fresh way. Little things like cars and parrots and heaps of trash have lost their newness and it’s getting harder to think of myself as an intrepid reporter relaying the sights and habits of a foreign culture. Now it feels as though I’m trying to find new and interesting ways to put a “tropical spin” on everyday life. On top of that I’ve discovered that my ability to craft the English language has taken a nose-dive, I find more and more that my writing and speaking abilities measure up to about that of a…