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WE WON!!! I feel badly for shouting it from the rooftops but I can't help it - the other night Costa Rica played Honduras in the Selection Tournament for the 2010 World Cup and Costa Rica won. My head knows that I should be pulling for Hondie but my heart was beating Tico. We (myself, Saco and a few other Gringos) watched the game at the local expatriates' restaurant. It was packed though with the natives and I thought it wise to keep my feelings of adulation and pure joy to myself. Perhaps with time my affinities will change but as for now I firmly voypor Costa Rica. So I thought it would be nice if you got know some of the boys from Laureles - to put a face and some history with the people I talk about and so that it might be easier to be praying for them and their families. I'll start with Anwar:
AnwarEliazerArtiagua is 11 years old, he has four older siblings and one younger one named Cessa who is frightened to death of me. He loves to play futbol (soccer) and his favor…