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...Lazin' On A Sunny Afternoon

Santa Ana

As much as I love sleeping in Saturdays I've been finding more and more that lately my favorite day of the week has been turning into just any other day of the week...there has been simply no time for Sponge Bob and chocolate milk in bed lo' these past few weeks. This past Saturday was of my own doing actually; it's been a while since I've seen my friend Felix who lives nearly an hour away in Santa Ana and pastors a tiny Mennonite church there. So I called him up, told him I would be swinging through and that I would have a few kids in tow. He said he and the Mrs. would be waiting and to get there in jiffy. It was a nice relaxing day actually, we visited a little, went swimming in the river and had bbq chicken for lunch. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we lost track of the time and nearly got stuck there, we made it of town on the last bus to Ceiba in fact - the national curfew hit at 6pm and we got back home just in time.

Pastor Felix

His Church

The Altar...they were p…

Random Scenes from around the Dump

Recycling Fun
Afternoon the by, Dariana, the girl in the middle, has to be the most pleasant, easily-humoured and easy-going child that I've ever met. I've never seen her cry; she is always smiling and laughing - to the point that I think she's a simpleton sometimes.

Someone had a hard night lastnight... Waking from his stupor

New Life

Free Day from School

This past Thursday the kids of Laureles had a day off from school so we decided to plan a River Swim. Unfortunately, I was never able to rustle up a car so Josue and I showed up to the Dump with four whole chickens, three loaves of bread and no mode of transportation. The kids were completely undeterred and reasoned that if we couldn't drive we could always walk...and we did, nearly an hour both ways. Josue, Norman and Myself herded 28 kids up the main road that follows Ceiba's largest river into the mountains. When we arrived at the designated swimming whole we were hot, dusty, parched and ready to swim.

We brought Oder along even though he has a ruptured eardrum and according to Doctor's orders, can't allow water into his right ear for a year. This is his attempt at keeping his head above far as I could tell he was fairly well successful.

One of my "Stairs" employees, Nango, is also the older brother of Anwar - he came along to help us keep order a…

Finishing Touches

Marvin putting on the last coat on the risers to cover the cinderblocks Working down from the top Alvina is just tickled-pink with her new stairs

The First Semi-Annual Laureles Youth Futbol Tournament

Pre-Tourney Foto with Most of the Players

Pre-Tourney Prayer

First-Round Game

Best Goalie of the Tournament: Memo

Most Goals Scored: Carlos He's not happy because his team didn't win
Winning Team: Back: Selvin, Memo, Sergio, Kevin Front: Chamu, Carlos, Ever, Mario

Lunch, Laureles Style


First Annual Laureles Futbol Tournament Starts Tommorrow

Pico Bonito Trip With Some Of The Boys

Oder, Kevin (Duke) & Christian

Racing on the Hanging Bridge

Practicing for the Circus

Pensive Duke

Afternoon Siesta

Josue's Birthday

I Love This Kid

More Stairs

After a 3 month break the work on the stairs continues and within a week should be finished. They are big, beautiful and very much welcomed by the families that live in that hill, already I have other families asking for stairs into their hills...we shall see.

Where we started

Where we left off

Starting back up again

Almost to the top...