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Saturday Mornings With The Eby's

saturdays have become odd as of late. most of life has really.

saturdays used to be spent doing things like this:
but because of an 8 month soccer season where the majority of our games are played on saturdays, we really don't have a lot of time for much else.

so these past few months most of our saturdays, when not on the soccer field, have looked like this:

but then came those eby's. they began filling a void that had taken root saturday mornings. for the past month and a half now the eby's have been coming out saturday mornings to hang out on my porch and play games with the kids.
they've been teaching the kids uno and other card games. the kids are expert dutch blitz players but seem to be too bashful to show off their talents. 
 andrew teaching the boys
  LaRee teeaching the girls
neighbor boy (is it bad that i don't know his name?) looking on

Where I've Been

I'm trying to take stock of my condition, my circumstance but I can't quite get my head around it. I'm not myself, this I know; not physically, not mentally, not spiritually. What I haven't been able to figure out though is if all that is a bad thing.

I got the dengue fever the other week, a funny-accented Cuban doctor confirmed it for me. It was a wild, feverish ride topped off with an alergic reaction that left me blotchy and itching. It's gone now, but it's left me sapped of energy - I want nothing more than to maintain a clean home, a full sink and to sleep as much as possible; those are my 3 daily priorities. It's hard not to feel utterly useless in a situation like that.

Something else changed in me around the same time - I stopped short of going over a precipice, thanks to girlfriend. I won't go into detail, I don't really want to but suffice to say, the current trajectory I was on had me racing headlong towards abject ruin. There's not a…

I've Got Nothing...

For the first time in just about forever I have absolutely nothing to write about - no pictures, no events, no celebrity sightings, nothin'. I feel like a loser, like I'm not doing my job, like I've lost my touch. Check back tomorrow, maybe I'll have something.
 this is all i've got duke and anuar sharing a hammock what a thrill

I've Got Nothing

Daddy's been feeling deathly sick these past few days.
don't worry your pretty little head. i'm almost well. but yeah, i basically felt how you look there.
anyways, check back in on thursday.

Faces of Los Laureles

don't let the halo fool you. an angel he is not. little mateo is kind of a brat. and the only vocabulary he seems to be able to manage is variations on spanish curse words. this one still isn't growing on me. he does call me papi though. papi might have to do some disciplining here in the near future. ok, these people are not from laureles. obviously. but i liked the photo. taken by tati. soplo and manuel after a soccer game.
both, in their own way, think they're too cool for school. it's been my mission to teach them otherwise.
here's a kid that thinks he's from laureles, acts like he's from here, spends all of his time here. but he's not william lives down the highway in a nice home with a stable family that has steady and reliable employment. he discovered our soccer team last year, joined, became a star forward for the u-14 team and slowly began making friends here. to the point now where he practically lives here. sometimes he stays so late that his mother has to ph…

I had a dream, there were flies in my coffee, flies in my coffee...

ok it was a moth 

you're so vain

Yeah, So About Those Gringos That Keep Popping Up In My Blog Photos...

they would be the eby's. as in: andrew, arizona, caleb, eliana and laree. they're a lovely family; quiet, warm, caring, i think i'm gonna like them.

i may or may not have stolen this photo from their blog profile. what gave it away, the winter coats or the barren deciduous tree in the background? speaking of their blog, here it is:

so, anyway, the eby's are here for a year. they arrived in july - which i guess means they'll be leaving next july...or would it be next june? do you count 12 months or do you count the year as july to july? i might look into that. back on topic. they're here to work both with me in the community of los laureles and with a children's home run by amor viviente church. that means they'll be splitting their time between both the mennonite church and amor viviente church activities. this is interesting by-the-bye. i don't think any emm missionaries have ever worked with both the mennonite church and amor…

Laureles Football Update

so it may have just occurred to me as i sat down to write a quick post about the recent soccer happenings that i have written next to nothing about them this season. which is odd. for one it consumes a lot of my time. and there are 2 additional teams to manage this year...which ought to make for more stories/photos and it's kind of important. but no, i've let nearly an entire season go by without writing a thing about it. where has my head been?
at some point i'll have to give a proper redux because this has been an exciting season not to mention stressful but this is not the time. aka, i don't have the time for that right now. here's what i do have time for: chihua in goal he plays for our u-16 team he's amazing our u-16 team is anything but

the star of our club is the u-14 team they're simply a joy to watch they finished the season in 3rd place out of 13 teams and thus classified for the pentagonal tournament to determine the league champion this is the most disciplined, de…