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Signs of the Season

It's been a while since I've seen something like this...

and when I got EMM's Christmas Card in my email I noticed some familiar faces. Click on the link and see if you can name all of the Laureles-related folk bringing you International Yuletide Cheer.
Eastern Mennonite Missions' Christmas Greeting

Another Laureles Happening

So the other day I told Girlfriend that I needed some photos from Laureles so that I could update the blog. Yesterday the youth from the Mennonite Church trekked out to Los Laureles to have Bible School with the little children there; apparently it was an impressive Bible School because she emailed me the following this morning:
In the Spanish-speaking countries the tradition of Christmas gifts is somtheing that is mainly represented and linked to the Child Jesus and The Wise Men - Santa is known and growing in popularity but tradition says that gifts come from the former. Curiously though in this past week's Bible lesson not one child mentioned the Child Jesus and much less, The Wise Men when I asked them about Christmas and our reasons for celebrating it.

Some of their responses were as follows:
- Christmas is for setting off fireworks and rockets (very good observation) - Christmas means that the fairy godparents bring gifts to the children. ("fairy godparents"? Do they m…