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What Doth September Hold?

The weather's turned here in Central Pa, decidedly I think; it's downright cold these days. As I was perched on the roof outside my bedroom window the other day I realized that this will be the first Pennsylvania Autumn that I've experienced since 2006. Feeling the cool breeze on my face, watching the first leaves begin to swirl down the hollow; I'd forgotten how much Autumn puts me in a cheery disposition. It's hard to be dour this time of the year - the very feel of the air makes me happy. Lately there seems to me nothing so delightful as making myself coffee and sitting on the front porch (or the roof) and watching the weather. I remember that about Honduras, that was one of my small joys - the daytime heat may have been sweltering but very often the evening cooled off just enough to enable enjoyable porch-stting and coffee-drinking. Oh and the rare rain storm always warranted a stoppage to work and a reason to sit, drink and watch. Funny how weather has that ef…