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Childhood Memories

Super Mario Brothers 3 Anyone?

Getting Ready To Fly

Kevin showing off his new shoes

For those of you that don't know, I'm in charge of shepherding a group of Honduran Mennonites up to Pennsylvania this weekend so that they can spend time and build the relationship they have with the folks at Frazer Mennonite. We're a day away from leaving here and feeling a bit rushed. We had thought to leave early Saturday Morning so as to be in San Pedro by 5 to catch a 7:30 flight but there is a national curfew. Which we'd be able to get around with proper documentation but they say that because of the curfew no one of repute is on the highways and thus roving bands of yayhoos are stopping anyone that might have the misfortune to be on the roads and assaulting them. Thus we need to leave early Friday so as to be in San Pedro before nghtfall, but the yayhoo teachers who support Manuel Zelaya's return hold strikes in the middle of the highway instead of teaching the children which means there is no way to get to San Pedro during the…


Greetings again from the land of coffee, coconuts and coups. I've been keeping quite busy here these past 2 weeks and have hardly had time to keep up with the day to day news regarding Mel and Micheletti (the interim President) in Costa Rica. As I've heard the first round of talks died - neither side wanted to give an inch...that's not entirely true; Micheletti changed his mind and conceded that Mel could re-enter the country on the condition that he be arrested and put on trial upon arrival. So yeah, things have been moving along at a snail's pace. On an upnote they couldn't have picked a better person to mediate this whole bit of nonsense; Costa Rican President Oscar Arias is just a good man, he's level-headed, good-hearted and visionary (which is not typical in Central American politcal theater. Most importantly he earned a Nobel Peace Prize for having mediated a violent Central American conflict during his first term as president back in the 80's. I can…

I Swear I'm Alive!

Really I do. I know it's been at least a month and a half since last I wrote but most of you that read this thing saw me whilst I traveled about in the States so you probably weren't reading my blog to check up on how I was doing anyway...if you were that's a bit strange. For the rest of you, you might want to consider your own culpability in this whole affair for having chosen to reside outside the confines of Central Pennsylvania...the onus is on you. Anyshway, I'm back from my month-long jaunt through Pa Dutch Country and what do I find upon my return but they've up and gone and had a coup in my absence...the audacity. It took me 3 days and lots of money to finally get back to my humble dwelling here in La Ceiba but I made it and am now ready to resume my transmissions from South of the Border. I thought to start by breaking this whole thing down for you all so that you can see the truth of the matter because as far as I can see CNN is lying and seems to be in b…