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Some Background

I thought it might be wise to elaborate on exactly what I will be doing while I am in Honduras. To do so I may have to back up a bit, please bear with me.

In the Spring of '06 my church, Frazer Mennonite, announced that we would begin exploring a partnership with a church in Honduras, and as part of that we would be sending a group of people to visit in July - I was immediately moved and without hesitation, signed up to go. Concurrent to this, was my budding interest in serving with Eastern Mennonite Missions somewhere in Latin America. I had applied, been initially accepted and began to look into an assignment. The amiable Steve Shank, EMM representative to Latin America and my future "boss", was very enthusiastic about the possibility of Chile for my assignment, but already I was beginning to feel the tug of Honduras. He advised that while I was down there I should keep my eyes open, be observant and see if I could picture myself serving there; if I could not, then perh…


Lest my information on the sidebar confuse you; I have not yet left for La Ceiba - I still reside in KOP. However, I am happy to announce that I am scheduled to leave for language school this September. I am excited, nervous, overwhelmed and I desire your prayers.

- matt