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Singing For My Coffee

Welcome back dear friends, February is knocking on the door and I’m starting to see my time here coming to a close. I know, I know, I don’t leave for Honduras until the end of April (Si Dios Quiere!) but I’m quickly realizing that my time here in San Jose will soon be over. This realization is aided of course by Ma`ma’s daily reminder that the months are sailing by and I won’t be here much longer; I think she’s counting the days. Seriously though, I am beginning to see that the life of a missionary is one of constantly letting go and trusting people to God – that’s a struggle for me. I have made a lot of friends here, Ticos, kids from La Carpio, other missionaries, my family, these people are important to me and I love them dearly. I’ve realized though that I probably won’t ever see most of them again. It’s a struggle to think that very soon these people, people that I love, will be out of my life and that all I can do is pray for them. It’s sad to think about, so I try not to and I’m…

I've Returned!

Hello again dear readers, what a lapse in entries we’ve had, my sincerest apologies. For those of you that haven’t had a clue as to my whereabouts for the past month, I made a surprise visit home over Christmas to visit with friends and family for 3 weeks. Unfortunately, I couldn’t exactly announce this upcoming visit over my blog because such declarations tend to be counterproductive to the nature and purpose of surprises. Thus I had to write my final entry for the semester last year in such a way so as to give the impression that I would be in Costa Rica over the course of Christmas and blogging all the while. Needless to say, that is why my most recent entry speaks nothing of imminent flights to Newark, NJ but rather promises forthcoming phonetics lessons and a recipe for rice. I had intended to blog sporadically while at home but ran into an issue regarding internet access. You see, my parents being the antediluvian luddites that they are, have taken it upon themselves to wage a p…