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Killin' Parasites & Other Fun Things

So I've had this project up my sleeve for some time now and I've been waiting for the opportune time to launch it. A few months ago I got an unexpected donation - someone gave me two tubs full of very powerful and effective de-worming pills. There were enough pills for every man, woman, child and probably every house pet as well, in Los Laureles. I had these pills and a lot of motivation but a problem presented itself; this was not a job for one person or even two - I needed slaves. I needed them to write down names, take pictures, draw a community map, hold my dog's leash; I needed lots of slaves. I wrung my hands and racked my brain and thought to myself, "Wherever will I find such unsuspecting dupes to do my bidding?" I thought and I thought; I thought about the children here in Los Laureles but realized that they're much too flighty for this type of work. They'd start out with me like eager beavers and then suddenly get distracted by a loud crash or a…

Innocent Joy

Sunday afternoons are a day of semi-rest for me. Usually girlfriend comes over after church, the other occupants of the house head to the river and we stay behind listening to music, drinking coffee and cleaning...we're both OCD freaks and for us this is fun. This past Sunday we were half-way through cleaning the house when two of Marta's youngest boys showed up at my door, well-dressed as though they were headed into town. I asked if the needed anything and the older of the two, Elvin, plainly stated that they had come to visit. I was taken aback by his grown-up manner and had to stiffle a chuckle. Not wanting to be a bad host I invited them on to the porch offered them a drink and mentioned that girlfriend might have some books she could read them. She more than jumped at the chance to stop dusting my soup cans and grabbed her favorites off the book shelf. Two Curious George and three dinosaur books later the kids were getting ansty so they decided to play hide-and-go-see…

Who Are The People In My Neighborood?

I remember that song from my childhood, watching Sesame Street, it came back to me just now. Ok, that's a bizarre, stream-of-conciousness way to begin a post. This post really isn't about my neighborhood per se, if it were it would include Blance, Johnny, Pancha and a lot of chickens. I was looking back through my camera the other day though and noticed that a lot of my recent pictures are close-ups of people's faces; and they're really good. I've been lending the Nikon out to kids and YES'ers as of late and the following then is what they've been seeing through the lense. 
me. ok, this really wasn't supposed to be my first photo. is not photo friendly. even though they claim to be. they're not. ergo, they make me look arrogant by putting my photo first when I was supposed to be somewhere in the middle. I am arrogant though. maybe is really about revealing our true selves despite our best intentions.
guarded joy
coffee break meche clai…