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Pining for the Fjords

No, I'm not really dreaming longingly of the Norwegian landscape but my stream of consciousness got a bit carried away...I was going to title this "Wishing for Snow" and then I thought "Pining for Snow" sounded better and then the old Monty Python sketch about "Pining for the Fjords" popped into my you can see how my mind works. All that to say, I really miss the snow and ice. I see weather reports from back home about Arctic temperatures, buckets of snow and sheets of ice and I am insanely jealous. I love Winter weather; I love everything about it, from sledding to shoveling to school delays to cups of Hot Chocolate. I miss being able to wear big overcoats, scarves and hats...not that I don't try to pull it off here from time to time - sometimes I turn the AC up in my apartment, take a cold shower and then bundle up in long pants and my North Face jacket...what, it's fun. I know most of you are probably tired to death of all the co…

Random Happenings

Well, well, well - here we are at the end of another Holiday Season, I trust you enjoyed your time with friends and family and are slowly dragging yourselves back into the workaday world of everyday life. I, unlike most of you I'm sure, am actually looking forward to the return of the routine. I've been running about hither and thither doing all manner of random but necessary activities and basically running myself ragged (I feel like a train-wreck) and so am anxiously awaiting the reopening of the Peace & Justice Offices. There seems an awful lot to recount so I'll avoid talking about the weather or my latest bout without dysentery (just foolin') and move onto happier topics. Christmas and the New Year were interesting affairs - there were certainly a lot of similarities: Carols, Trees, Presents and Food (buckets of it). They way it all panned out was what was really different for me...I, like many Pennsylvanians, am accustomed to to waking up early Christmas Day,…