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These Posts Are Far Too Infrequent

Life has been terribly busy as of late and every time I think I have an opportunity to post, something crops up to grab my attention. For now be content with these strange creatures below.
 Today Chicki (a strange creature in-and-of-himself), tried to sell me a pisote (not an opossum), a cuddly and affable creature that apparently lives on dogfood and has all his shots. It was all I could do to say no but the asking price of $250 helped me in the decision-making process.


Pray for baby Milagro and her mother. When I talked to her the other day she matter-of-factly told me that Milagro wouldn't be alive in 5 months. I can tell she's deeply saddened but is at the same time, enjoying every moment she has with her daughter.