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Perks of the Job

one of the nice things about having children around 24 hours a day is that you can get them to do practically anything for you. like hand-grind your morning coffee for you.
anuar's really enjoying himself. i swear. and with a shout out to carl fisher and his alabaster coffee shop in williamsport, pa. no one here likes your coffee but that's fine by me, i love it and there's more for me to drink.

Getting Back To Life

So I noticed the other day that I've practically stopped taking photos recently...I'm not sure what that's all about but Sr. Nikon and I are going to have a chat here soon if he doesn't get back on the job. I don't have him here for nothing afterall. Life here has been a bit tricky as of late though - people keep popping up or cutting out and I have to haul water. Which doesn't leave time for a lot of snapshotting. Water, for those of you that haven't had Earth Science yet, is the basis for all life here on earth, we need it in order to survive. Most civilized communities around the world have made it a priority to build their communities and orient their lives around reliable and steady sources of potable water. Those peoples that have decided to be real devil-may-care types, culturally speaking, and set up shop in the middle of a desert or a fountless island, have had to get creative and truck their source of life in from other regions...but they're r…

How Shall I Put This?

Ok, I know, I've been absent/silent for quite a little while now. My guiding rule in blog-writing regarding prolonged absences has always been 'Just Pretend Like You've Never Been Away And Make No Apologies' but this time around it doesn't seem quite appropriate to go that route entirely. So here's what, I was away for a while and I'm sorry, my sister got married in Colorado and they haven't yet received internet...they're backwards luddites out there in the Rocky Mountain State and I was cut off from all civilization; so sue me. Ok so maybe that was like 4 weeks ago now...I can't remember. If you happen to be facebooky friends with my dear sister you should check out her wedding photos...they're hilarious. Are wedding photos supposed to be hilarious? Because I swear to you that these are.

Ok, so after the wedding I spent two weeks with my parents back in Pa which was nice but they had me watching so much televsion (and I'm not exaggerat…

Keeping My YES Team In Line

listen to daddy or else

I'm Home Again!

ok really i'm just in the san pedro sula airport listening to 'this american life' but i'm getting there, just one bus-ride away.