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Hello loyal friends and compatriots, I came today with the singular purpose of writing a stunning and exquisite entry that would move even the most stoic of Puritans to some outward expression of true emotion...however upon sitting down to write this little entry up I was struck with the realization that while this update may delight and bring the random chuckle it certainly won't be one for the record books. But that's ok I suppose. The weather here however has been one for the record books - we have been simply dumped on as of late; days upon days of torrential rains. Banks and businesses have closed briefly and the government declared a "State of Red Alert" which supposedly means that everyone needs to be in their homes and off the streets. Apparently no one heeds these warnings because the whole world is seemingly going about their business as usual only now with wet shoes and pant legs. The funny part though is that I am freezing - I have been going about in lo…

Floating Away

Good Grief, it's raining so hard here that I can barely hear myself think. After a week's respite the monsoons have returned with a vengeance...and in reality I'm not terribly upset. The rains have brought slightly cooler temperatures (so cool that as I click away here on the Toshiba Satellite 215 I'm bundled up in a lined windbreaker...A WINDBREAKER WITH A LINING, that tells you something). Anyway, I enjoy the rain, it helps me sleep, makes Coffee Hour more enjoyable and just generally breaks up our normal monotonous weather of 'Stifling & Intolerable'. The one problem I've noticed though here is that unlike in San Jose, La Ceiba it seems has never really gotten around to installing a proper Storm Drain system. The hours worth of constant downpour simply collect in the streets and turn them into veritable rivers...which makes my daily runs slightly less enjoyable...and that old adage of 'never drive through standing pools of water' definitely d…