A Weekly Journal Chronicling My Life
As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Lest my information on the sidebar confuse you; I have not yet left for La Ceiba - I still reside in KOP. However, I am happy to announce that I am scheduled to leave for language school this September. I am excited, nervous, overwhelmed and I desire your prayers.

- matt


Amanda Thompson said...

Hey Mr. Keiser! I like your blog! You need a little more though! Something is missing! I wish you luck on your trip! I will try to pray for you!

"Hey Our Fieldtrip is Thursday!"
Randomness by: Amanda Thompson
"THOMPSON! Turn that Fan off!"
Laughing yet angry Mr Keiser while playing sodoku.

nobody said...

wow! that is interesting!

La Gringa said...

Hola Matthew. Good luck on your trip to La Ceiba. I hope you have a successful journey.

Thank you for the link to my blog. I hope that it will help you adjust to Honduras -- at least you'll know a little bit about what to expect.

Good luck on your new blog, too.

~Kristel Burkholder said...

Hey Mr Keiser! I cant believe your actually leaving! Its still sinking in. Im really gunna miss you next year. How are your baby ducklings? Are they still alive? lol. Hey guess what! Im going to The Mennonite Relief sale tonight! It's gunna be fun. This is what my pastor said to the congregation one day, "May the Lord bless you and Keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you His peace. And may you always love Jesus first, above all else." I thought about you leaving and I hope these words will comfort you sometime. Have a great Easter Break!