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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost There!

Ok, ok - I know, it's been more than a week since last I blogged (getting on 2 actually) but to be honest I have good, solid reasons for my lack of communication. Last week was perhaps the busiest I've had while living here in Costa Rica - Farewell Parties, Birthday Celebrations (I'm now 26), a Futbol Game & Graduation Ceremony. Couple that with the fact that I took a trip to Costa Rica's northern border this past weekend with a Tico friend and that I've been without internet since Friday and you can begin to understand my plight. I realize it sounds as though I'm whining and trying to justify my sinful ways but alas, that's what I do best. Anyway, this is it...this is my last week in Costa Rica, Sunday at 6:30 a.m. I fly for La Ceiba, Honduras to begin my life there. To be honest, I'm ready - I'm ready to say goodbye, to move on and start working. I've been slowly saying farewell to people for about 2 weeks now and I'm ready to be done. You can be praying for me though - I haven't yet bid farewell to the La Carpio boys or to my closest friends here and it's going to be tough. Pray also for my travel, I have to take three different planes and luggage is bound to get misplaced. Pray for safety, smooth travel and timely arrivals for persons and baggage.
So in that I have such limited internet access I'm going to make this a pictorial post with some side commentary; I hope this will suffice but I really am pressed for time.

Farewell @ Fresas Restaurant

Cameron, Ryan & Ale @ my Birthday...by way of Arabia (Cameron really is Arab)

Birthday Night in San Jose

Cafecito Party @ The Drum's with Antonio

MyFavorite Photo of Maycol

Scary Rhoda

Mateo Y Ale

Heath & Erin's Last Day at School - They'll be getting married in May and then living in Florida


Marching with the Honduran Flag (a rare display of patriotism)

Sonia & I singing in Spanish

Graduation Photo with Flora

The La Carpio Boys came to celebrate

Paseo a Cano Negro (Veracruz)

So my dear Tico friend Jeffrey invited my friend Joel & I to a wildlife refuge called Cano Negro, basically a stone's throw from Nicaragua. We left on Saturday morning and arrived in Veracruz (his hometown for 15 years) at 5 in the afternoon - we planned on leaving the next day and quickly realized that there would be absolutely no time to visit the refuge. Undaunted, we camped out a friend's restaurant and visited with Jeffrey's family (his older brother still lives there) - not at all what we expected from our trip but still worth the 15 hours worth of bus rides. To be honest it felt like a different world up there, life is much slower, the people more relaxed and easier with conversation in the landscape is pristine...it was by far my most unique and in a way, my most rewarding mini-trip in Costa Rica.

Upala Bus Station (30 minutes from Nicaragua)

Mateo y Joel

Veracruz Bus Station

Jeffrey trying to look tough

Jeffrey's little Cousin

Lincoln y Jeffrey

Look Out

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

The First Bus Ride Home

A Shot of the Arenal Volcano from the Bus

Well folks, that'll 'bout do it for this post...the next time we chat I'll be in Honduras !Que Miedo! To be sure I don't know when I'll again have internet access but I will do my best to blog immediately upon my arrival in La Ceiba. Blessings to you this week. Peace!



Zoe said...

unbelievable! You're leaving. Wierd. Even though I already left, i feel like I'm being left! I'm pretty sure that doesn't make sense. Anyway, have an awesome trip!!!!!!!

Rhonda said...

Found it, YAY!!!!! Definitely classifies as a "scary picture of Rhonda" but that's what happens when you give Lapiz a camera. It's been fun Matty, you'll definitely be missed around these parts, keep in touch. No goodbyes just yet, I'll see you tomorrow.