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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Greetings again from the land of coffee, coconuts and coups. I've been keeping quite busy here these past 2 weeks and have hardly had time to keep up with the day to day news regarding Mel and Micheletti (the interim President) in Costa Rica. As I've heard the first round of talks died - neither side wanted to give an inch...that's not entirely true; Micheletti changed his mind and conceded that Mel could re-enter the country on the condition that he be arrested and put on trial upon arrival. So yeah, things have been moving along at a snail's pace. On an upnote they couldn't have picked a better person to mediate this whole bit of nonsense; Costa Rican President Oscar Arias is just a good man, he's level-headed, good-hearted and visionary (which is not typical in Central American politcal theater. Most importantly he earned a Nobel Peace Prize for having mediated a violent Central American conflict during his first term as president back in the 80's. I can't say enough about Arias - he seems to be hopeful that this will all work out and is proposing another round of talks after a 1 week cooling-off period.
In other news I've been keeping pretty busy planning a trip for a group from the church here to visit the folks at Frazer Mennonite in Pennsylvania - it's a lot but we're getting down to the end and I'm starting to get excited. I did just get back from my personal trip up North and so I feel like I'm starting and stopping again with my work in Laureles but such is life I suppose. Speaking of Laureles, here are some recents fotos:
Memo has his 10th Birthday

Josue lights the candles


Oder Celebrates his 13th


The we played Futbol

Trekking through the bullrushes to go Mango picking

One side of the Mango Tree ridge

The other side

Kevin & Adonai picking Mangos

Enjoying the Fruits of the Kid's Labor

Pepe, Kevin, Anwar, Josue, Adonai, Chita, Nango, Memo, Carlitos, Tolo

That's all for now. Blessings to you.


- matt

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Galen and Phyllis Groff said...

Wonderful news and pictures to enjoy
Trusting the trip will go well.
When and how long with you be gone