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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mateo Turns 1

Little Mateo turned 1 yesterday so they dressed him and told him to smile. Actually where those clothes came from is beyond me as normally he wears nothing more than a diaper made out of one of his brother's t-shirts. We celebrated as we always do with the cake and the singing and the prayer...and he understood none of it. The horde of kids did though, they heard there was cake and came a running and enjoyed it for him. Happy Birthday to him.

happy but not really sure why

mateo is funny actually, funny in a way that worries me. he's a slow mover - in just about every way. it's like his every movement is in slow motion, from turning his head to pointing at something. on top of that he gets fixated on things, he'll just rest his slow moving gaze on something and stare at it for minutes on end and nothing can break the studious glare, not even caling his name. i'm being serious when i say that i'm not sure everything is ok here, i've never seen a baby move so slow and react so little to things.

i thought of a few captions for this one but opted against them...supply your own.

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