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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inauspiciousness Is What We Do Best

 It was a rather anticlimactic end to a highly successful season for our beloved U-14 team.
At the end of the regular season we were seeded in 3rd place out of 11 teams and thus qualified for the pentaganol tournament to determine the league champion.
We tied our first game and then won our second two games and going into the final game this past Saturday we were in first place (point-wise) out of the top 5 teams.
This last game though was against the best team (talent-wise) in the league; one we had lost to 4-0 in the regular season and the team that had taken first place in regular season play.
Because of our point standings if we had just been able to manage a tie we would have forced an extra game, a true final as it were.
But we fell apart, in the most inauspicious way imaginable.
We scored first, Chamu, who hadn't scored much all season gave us our first and only goal.
This of ccourse got us excited, we could taste victory, another game, a chance at glory.
Then Duke, our center defenseman and the heart of the team had to step off the field because he was hurt, in that moment that he was gone the other team scored and our morale plummeted.
For whatever reason we could not recover and the other team ended up scoring twice more.
It felt like such a terrible way to lose.
It felt like we were better than this.
Better than the other team.
But, we're not.
We ended up in Second place.
Which is nice, really nice, it's just not first.
I think it was really hard for the older guys like Duke, Chamu, Jimmy, William and Lauro; they've been playing in this U-14 category for two years now.
Two years in a row they've ended up in Second Place.
This was their year to bring home a First Place trophy because next year half of them move up to the U-16 category.
It won't be the same.
still proud of them though

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