A Weekly Journal Chronicling My Life
As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A New Journey

As many of you are now well aware - I am no longer in the employ of Eastern Mennonite Missions nor in Honduras. For the last 2 weeks I have been staying with my family in Williamsport, Pa reeling from the shock of being back here so soon and trying to take stock of my circumstances and the events that led me here. For reasons of privacy and confidentiality I will not go into details as it relates to my being released from service with EMM but I do feel it incumbent to write that I made decisions in my time there in Honduras that certainly necesitated just such an action on the part of the mission board. To put it bluntly, I am grieving; grieving my actions and decisions, grieving the impact that it has had on loved ones, grieving my severed relationships with my beloved community in La Ceiba, simply grieiving. I have never been quite so melancholic for so long and the road ahead seems ever so long. I should say that I am not directionless or spiraling into depression; I have found employment, been received with love and warmth by my family and friends and though I am separated from the community of Los Laureles I am still very much in contact with them, offering support where I can and graciously receiving their love and care.

This blog then is far from over - I no longer work for EMM, I no longer live in Honduras and life has suddenly become something completely unlooked for. I haven't the foggiest idea as to what the future holds; I know that I am young, I know my bond and connection with Honduras and more importantly many people there, is fixed and deep and unwavering and I know that my Redeemer lives. For you interested few then, I would invite you to check in on me here from time to time to discover how God is at work both in the lives of the youth of Los Laureles and in my own life and how, in his infite wisdom, he continues to intertwine our paths.



Tim Miller said...

Hi Matt, No one can take away this experience from you, nor can it ever be forgotten for those who came to know you as a loving servant to others. I have always felt your enthusiasm and love through your blog. I know I will miss it. As I too, travel often between La Ceiba and central Pennsylvania, I felt a certain comfort knowing you were there helping others. The Honduras people are very special; accepting, welcoming, and appreciative. No matter the circumstances, you have made a difference. Don't let anyone ever make you feel differently. I respect the work you have done and hope you find your path to the next part of your life. I'm sure a guardian angel is guiding you.


Missionary, Mother, Wife, Nurse said...

Love you sweet Matt! We too wish you were here, celebrating the 4th of July with us, but we know that God has better plans. Erin

Meg said...

Praying for you, and the community of Los Laureles, during what I'm sure is a difficult time of transition for all. The Lord is holding both you and the people of Honduras in his hands. :)