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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Keiser's Fixin' To Be A Momma

Maureen sent this photo yesterday with word that our beloved companion may soon be a mother. Maureen, as is her wont and nature, has been meticulous though with approving just the right suitor. She's compiled a fairly extensive list of potential mates but for various reasons; including dislike of the owner, general demeanor of the animal and gut feeling, has done a fine job of crossing off nearly every eligible bachelor within a 20 mile radius. Keiser for her part, is none the wiser and as far as we can tell is just as content to chase rats and opossums around the yard as she is to engage her maternal instinct.

An interesting sidebar: I am in near daily contact with the people of Los Laureles; I try to stay engaged in the lives of a few of the boys, but a goodly number of the adults and other children usually call me throughout the week as well, to inquire on my state and status. Inevitably the question of Keiser and her whereabouts always comes up and I always reply that Keiser still resides in La Ceiba with Maureen. Furthermore, if they would like to visit her, they are more than welcome to schlep down to Barrio Alvarado and stand at Maureen's gate where they will be sure to see a black streak chasing small animals and any children that happen to be in the yard. There's almost always a brief pause and then the question:

"Is Keiser yet pregnant?"

"No, not yet...Maureen thinks it's not yet time." Is my typical response.

"We'll please tell her to give us a puppy when the time does come." They usually say.

"Oh most definitely." I return.

As it stands now Keiser is on the hook for about 40 offspring...she'd better get crackin'!

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