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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ceiba Summer

So I'm back in La Ceiba for the rest of my quickly retreating summer vacation, after a very restful month with my family in the United States. William Nickols, my sincerest apologies. I know I promised to blog at least once before I left for the North but lack of ambition and inspiration being what they are these days, I wasn't once able to crank out a single post in all this time. Never fear though my fearless reader/student; Daddy's back in the saddle and he's got enough of both to fill a small corner of the internet.

I have a serious post to lay down here sometime in the next week but in the meantime I thought to show you a little bit of what I and the boys from Los Laureles have been up to these past 2 weeks. It's been like old times in Los Laureles; without that pesky job of mine to keep me distracted I've been able to spend nearly every waking hour out in the community with the kids. Though truth be told we've been out exploring the rivers and mountains of Greater La Ceiba as much as anything else. I've enjoyed it though; spending time with the boys, now young men, is why I'm truly here and it's been a blessing to be able to devote my nearly undivided attention to people of Los Laureles. I like teaching, I like my students, but nothing compares to spending time with the kids in Laureles. That's what gets me up in the morning.

The other week I took a group of boys swimming and when we arrived at the swimming hole we saw a band of men and boys throwing rocks at a harmless snake. Hondurans have an unnatural, and what I might consider an effeminate, fear of all things reptilian. In the presence of a serpent-creature they either shriek and wet themselves or they hack and pelt until dead.

I have little tolerance for either response.

Both are borne out of ignorance and superstition which I detest and consider weaknesses beyond forgiveness.

I immediately threatened the entire group with bodily harm if they continued to pelt the poor creature and then I ran to rescue it. Scooping it up I brought it to show the kids, to teach them that snakes are good, God's creatures and only slightly responsible for Eve's fall into sin. 

The boys though scattered, excepting Duke who seemed genuinely interested in the whole serpentine affair.

I handled it a bit before flinging it upon the heads of the men that had been trying to kill it.

They went all wobbly and fainted.

or I let it go...

So these next series of shots are just of kids running off rocks and falling into water.
It's nothing special I know, doesn't exactly make for great blogging, but it does look cool.

The first is Tolo with a student of mine, Jorge, that has become good friends with the boys of Laureles.

Jorge is a unique character in that he has taken to the guys from Laureles despite their very different backgrounds and stations in life. The guys for their part have accepted him as one of their own and now we can't go anywhere without checking to see if Jorge wants to come along. 

I forgot to include the splash.

Next up is Chihua, the daredevil and de facto leader of the group; even I take direction from him.
Wherever we go he finds the highest height to leap from.
Jorge offered to take him skydiving and Chihua said, and so long as he would be landing in water, that he would accept and also forgo the parachute. 

I kind of believe him.

Looking down on the river from on top a waterfall.

And now for Mardin to jump off that waterfall.

I promise he landed in water.

Mother says I'm Dr. Dolittle; I'm not, I just love animals.

and maybe wish they could talk to me.

or in Camilla's case come live with me forever.

Today we drove up into the mountains to visit our beloved family in Toncontin.
We spent much of the day visiting with people at Pancha's mother's house but in the afternoon we decided to hike out into the mountains. It was a beautiful climb and we managed to snap this photo just before the rains let down.

L-R: Courtney, Edgardo, Gina, Jojo, Bobby, Danila, Meli, Cesar, Memo, Pani & Abel
(not pictured: Me, Vicki and the rain)

Well that's all for now - I know it wasn't anything illuminating but jumping off of rocks, playing with wild creatures and hanging out with Laureles kids and Gringos has been about the extent of my life these past two weeks. Look for something new early this week.

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