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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Here!!!!

Hello dear readers, I have arrived in La Ceiba, Honduras safe and sound and am the hotter (temperature-wise) for it. I cannot write too much in that I have little to no time to spend on the internet but I will say that I have been thrown into life here (that's a good thing), I am living with a family until I find a suitable apartment and in my first two days I've found myself sitting in the Central Park with Hondurans, Garifunas, Swiss and other Gringos supporting a nationwide Hunger Strike in protest of Governmental Corruption. No I am not fasting, nor is anyone else from the Mennonite Church here, were just there in support and to help protect those District Attorneys that are particiapting from police violence. It's interesting to be sure and kind of an odd way to begin my time here...but it's kind of exciting at the same time. I will keep you updated as i am able to and hopefully will be able to load some pictures befroe too long. Alright that{s all for now...when i get my own place I will have fuller access to the internet and thus will be able to blog in a more substantial way. Blessings to this week...and pray for a blizzard to come through La Ceiba. Peace!

- Matt

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mikepettengill said...

YEAH!!! You've arrived! WOOHOO!! And already busy! Whew! Can't wait to see you again.