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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Costa Rican Continuations

So where did we leave off yesterday...ah yes, with a trip to Ojo de Agua and Breakdancing classes. Lalo forgive me but I'm going to poach one of your fotos of Dylan at the waterpark - it's awesome:


To give some history, Jeffrey used to live in San Jose with his mother and oldest brother where he worked but didn't attend school. This past March his mother enrolled him in a private high school where he's been attending ever since. In May Jeffrey's mother and brother moved back to Veracruz, 9 hours away from San Jose to take care of his grandmother but they left Jeffrey with a good family so that he could complete his studies in high school. When I arrived he was on vacation visiting his family and he invited me up to Veracruz to stay with them for a few days. I took the 9 hour bus ride and spent a lovely few days getting to know all of his extended family in Veracruz.

Jeffrey's mother, Maria

Waiting for the bus
Little Cousin

Jeffrey's Grandmother
Behind the house
Pink Girl at the bus stop
La Carpio Construction Day
So a group from Lalo's church back in Texas came down and rebuilt the footbridge that runs between La Carpio and Pavas...having noting better to do I decided to spend some time helping them...and hanging out with some of my favorite people in the world.
Cool shot of La Carpio
Dismantling the old bridge
...and building the new one
The finished product
Resting after a long day
Antonio and one of is many girlfriends
Ale's Birthday
We celebrated Ale's birthday...twice

Ale forgot to blow out the candle, she had a fork in hand and was ready to eat the cake with the candle still lit, until someone apprised her of the situation.
Well folks that's all I've got for this week - come back next week to see fotos of my time with the Gringos from Frazer Mennonite. Peace!
- Matt

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CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

AHHH!!! A rebuilt Bridge! I'm SO HAPPY to see it so! Nice job! Glad you enjoyed your time there - good to see pics of Ale - even though she forgot to blow out the candle!