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Friday, October 9, 2009

Armless Wonders

This past Wedenesday we had a special visitor lead us in our devotional. Jorge Duenas, the man there in the proceeding picture, is the father of some of my closest friends, a raving Anabaptist (he reads John Howard Yoder) and has the ability to reach and connect with youth in an awesome way...he just captivates them. Knowing full-well his abilities and love for both the Lord and youth I recently offered him an open invitation to lead a Wednesday Devotional when he had time...he called me the next week and informed me he would be taking the next meeting. Among other activites and biblical lessons, he told a story about an armless boy who learned to draw with his feet...and then instructed us to de-shoe and attempt drawing with a pen wedged between our toes. I wasn't sure if the kids would take to it but they loved it as the following photos can attest.

In other exciting news, Cristian, the boy in the blue shirt that is in the background of Jorge Duenas' head is blossiming and maturing before our eyes. He readily agreed to lead the group in prayer and was actively engaged in the discussion while most of the kids were just a little too embarrassed to become involved. Continue praying for both him and Sergio, another one we see maturing rapidly. Blessings to you this week. Peace!
- mlk

1 comment:

Nancy Marshall said...

So cool!...
What a great lesson.
So many kids.
So many big smiles.
It's all wonderful.
I praise God for your hearing call to this ministry.