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Monday, October 5, 2009

Existential Nonsense...........and Duke

I've been thinking a while about this post, how to write it or present it. It strikes me as inevitable that I won't be able to convey the full thrust of the idea that I want you all to understand - but then again we almost never do...only the most talented among us really have that skill and even then the words don't come easily. It seems funny sometimes that although we might feel something or understand something in our minds so clearly and so completely; that to get that thought into words descriptive enough that others will capture that same feeling or be struck with the same lucidity that we experience - that to do that is nearly impossible. We want others to see, to have that same unwordable understanding that we have but almost as soon as we begin to try and make them understand we come to realize that we're going to fail, that we're going to fall short and that at best our intended recipients will catch a glimpse of the idea that we feel so easily...at worst they won't understand us at all and will think us insane or stupid. I feel this way sometimes about describing my love for Jesus. I know the love I feel, I know what I know, what I understand but to try and translate that to another person who doesn't feel the same way is like throwing darts in the dark...you can only hope that something you say hits the mark - or makes it anywhere near the target for that matter. It could be said that the only way for another person to have that same enlightening feeling that you have is for them to live that experience as well but even then we're all individuals, we all experience life and interpret the events around us in different ways. So in the end that feeling we have about something or someone is unique to us alone and can never be fully realized in the minds of the people around us. Where then does that leave us with Jesus? I think I know but this has gone on long enough so let me get to the point of all of this...................Duke is awesome. As I've just elucidated you won't be able to understand why I feel this way, probably even if you meet him; but I'm gonna give it the old college try.
Just the dude's nickname is awesome. How many kids do you know named Duke? But it fits him so well; he's laid back, calm, cool and collected. He's a goof but in a quiet, curious sort of way. He does what he pleases but not in a bad way...it's more of in an 'out of the bounds of normal inhibitions' sort of way. Good grief the kid proudly wears pink crocs, rolls his dress pants up to play soccer everyday during recess (the only one that does so) and in his spare time he works on a farm tractor collecting garbage. I've failed miserably I know to get my impression of Duke across but just so you know he's one of the cooler kids I've met and if you ever have the pleasure to meet him I hope you feel the same way about him as well.

This is Duke's house and he's looking at us through his bedroom window. If you'll notice he wrote his name above his own bedroom window...it strikes me as hilarious and ridiculous all at once and reminds a little of Lucy from the Peanuts and her advice booth.

The other day I took a few of the kids to see some friends play soccer. The others that I brought sat quietly along sidelines while the teams strectched...

Duke however walked right up to the players to get a closer look...

He stood like that for 10 minutes - we counted.

This is a unique and strange kid and he's great fun to have around.

Blessings this week. Peace!

- mlk


Nancy Marshall said...

Hi Matt:
I think I understand (a little)..Duke.
As he watched the football exercises he sooooo wanted to be part of that team. Not today maybe...but someday he has decided he will wear the jersey.

He's sad and a little confused, maybe the other kids think he is odd and they laugh at him or push him away sometimes.

He doesnt have a consistent family life, his mom is gone or Dad is gone or something about his life is insecure...(maybe he is abused...but I am guessing that he'smore "neglected" than anything. He maybe almost thinks that he has to just take care of himself because other people are not taking care of him. So he tries to anchor himself by writing his name above his room. This is mine. No matter what happens...this is MINE. No matter what happens in my life this is my place and it's not going to change...(he hopes).
He's a loner, people think that is just the way he is but it is more of a social skill that is missing... he does not really know how to connect, bind, become open and trusting with other people. It's good that you have reached him. It's good that you are constant for him... not coming and going like most white people. I think it is cool you are so involved in their lives.
Will you highlight a different kid each week? I would love to get to know them.

PS I think it is wonderful that you are so invested in their lives..going to football games and celebrating birthdays.
Peace bro..
Guate in two weeks !


Megan Keiser said...

I did feel very uncool in this kid's presence. He has a mix of confidence and obliviousness to what's considered cool (which makes him cool), I guess was my impression of him.

kdefuniak said...

i know a few "dukes", as far as degree of coolness. and here's my conclusion: most kids in the third-world are cooler than me. it's fact.