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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This look tells you that Matthew is at his wit's end and wants to shoot himself for having brought Duke and Christian along to San Pedro.
Let me back up.
So for those of you that had gotten my newsletter last month, one of my prayer requests was that funding come through for the formation of 2 soccer teams here in Laureles. Within days I had all the money I needed to buy uniforms and cleats so this past Sunday, I along with Josue and Konrad, hitched a ride with Nelson to San Pedro Sula to buy our teams' uniforms. At the last minute and in a moment of sheer benevolence we decided to bring Christian and Duke along for the ride. I had forgotten what it's like to travel with 14 year old boys as I haven't really done it since I was in Youth Group at Agape Fellowship. I don't know how Linda Byler did it for all those years but God Bless her. It wasn't so bad, almost enjoyable at times.
Anyway, we bought the uniforms at a great discount and came home satisfied and happy. Today then we took both teams, 28 boys, to get their feet measured for cleats. We met at the entrance to the dump, loaded on a city bus as it passed by and within the hour turned the local soccer store upside down...all we needed to do was measure feet...it should have been so simple. The only finally clamed down when Josue slipped out and came back with 3 litres of Pepsi and some Doritos. Suffice to say, that my dear friends is an adventure I will never repeat...we've learned our lesson about big unwieldy groups, you can take 40 kids swimming in the mountains without incident but take any more than 10 out in public and your adventure turns into a 3-ring circus. And I think i will leave it that.
We were successful in the end and as we speak our shoe measurements are drifting around cyberspace somewhere waiting to be retrieved by the vendor. I'll provide cleat pictures after we make that purchase.
The uniforms on the left are for the older kids and the younger kids have the uniforms on the right.

Swimming in Jerseys...not unlike swimming in Jersey, except cleaner.

Waiting for the bus...thank you Kendra Martin for pointing out Kevin's double-bird salute...we'll be having a little chit chat with him and his mother today.

Konrad's look should tell you how our day was going even prior to the trip

Blessings and Merry Christmas to you this week. ...peace on earth and goodwill towards men.
- mlk

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