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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Palm Sunday Redux

So this may be a tad late in coming but I was looking back through my photos and really liked the sequence that came out for this particular day so I thought I might share them. The Wednesday before Palm Sunday we had our regular devotional and we talked a bit about Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem and what he was doing there...what was coming. Surprisingly enough not many of the kids knew about this part of the story so we decided to act it out with a visiting Gringo serving as the trusty steed.
tati, the boy in orange was a stand in for jesus in this version of the story
he was a little unsure of the whole thing but got used to it

after the story we drew about it in chalk on the steps...we received some interesting results

cristian refused to draw on the steps and so opted for the neighbor's outer wall

jesus on the colt


jesus loves you, courtesy of abel

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