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Monday, August 23, 2010

Pepe's Birthday

Josepe can be a headache sometimes but he's also warm and quick to forgive, 2 traits that can be hard to come by here in Los Laureles. He also has a voice like a mature Sicilian, something that just endears him to me; we call him the Godfather but he never understands and just gives us strange looks. Anyway, we celebrated as we always do with the cake and the singing and the prayer and his cousin Neto wrapped up our time by showing off his dance stylings.

el mero mero

boon with his piece

pimpona thoroughly enjoying his cake

and posing for the camera

neto showing off his moves
(he absolutely loved my father by the by, he kept burying himself into his body and wrapping my dad's arms around him)

calm yourself


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