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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

End-Of-Season Ceremonies

This past Saturday we had a friendly four-way tournament for the U-12 team as a way to close out last season's activities and present the trophies to all the teams that earned them. Last year in the U-12 category we only took fourth place and thus didn't receive a trophy but in the U-14 category we had taken second place and so after the tournament on Saturday one of our captains went up to receive the trohpy. The neat thing about Saturday's games was that it was an amalgam of players new and old. Some of last year's 12 year olds are moving up this year to play with the U-14 team but in that they had been part of last year's team they were given opportunity to play; we also had a host of young kids that made their first appearance on the U-12 team. It was fun to watch the veterans playing with and teaching the rookies in the midst of a tournament - we took second place by-the-bye.
a pre-game shot of most of the u-12 players both young and old


i love the organization of it all

pre-game meeting with coach johnny

question: when do we eat?

angry nery, confused carlos, distant tavo

abel our goalie with lauro the goalie of the u-14 team

a bit of a shove

keiser needed an improvised drink

we brought in a ringer.
we noticed that the other teams had a few players from last year's u-14 teams and because it wasn't specfically prohibited we did the same.
no one could compete with chamu.
another up-and-coming star, memo.
he's incredible

memo with a goal

chamu, in the u-12 uniform accepting the u-14 trophy for last year's second-place finish.

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