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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Im der Haus von Keiser we makes our own fun!

We don't televeision have here in the house - it wasn't my mission to forge a brave new trail for these children of Laureles that have spent good portions of their short lives in front of old, fuzzy Zenith television sets from 1981. I like television as much as the next dumpy North American (though I have always thought that once I had a family I'd forgoe the t.v.), cable here is simply not an option and I really didn't feel like shelling out a few hundred dollars for a reliable set - so there we are, televisionless. It was an adjustment at first, especially for Cristian who loves cartoons but we've grown accustomed to it and use that free time for more edifying forms of entertainment. This past week especially with all the rain the boys became near-maniacal about playing various card games and puzzles. I've taught them Dutch Blitz, Egyptian Roadkill, Speed, Memory, Dominoes and Palace. I'm running out of games - I'm thinking of trying to teach them Rook and Setback but that requires a vocabulary and skill set I have trouble translating. Any ideas for fun, simple games?

cristian and eduardo playing memory last friday night while the rain came down in sheets outside.

manuel has become near-fanatical about puzzles - he can't get enough of them.

little keiser got jealous and tried to entice us to play with her.

it didn't work...so she at pieces of the puzzle.


Cindy in California said...

I've brought lots of board games to my friends in Tegus. I looked for games that also had the rules in Spanish. That way they could read them, too. Once they learned the game I would then add some variations I was used to, like in Monopoly we pay all the fines from Community Chest and Chance into the middle of the board. Players get it when they land on Free Parking.

Games I have brought include Monopoly, Risk, Trouble, Connect Four and some little kids games like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders.

One game they really love is "Uno Attack". It's the Uno card game with a machine where you pick cards from by pushing a button. Sometimes you get "attacked" with a whole handful of cards.

Another game is Yahtzee. You can even make your own score sheets on a computer and then it's just a matter of having 5 dice.

I'm not sure if these games are available in La Ceiba or not. If you have visitors or teams coming you could maybe ask them to bring you some.

This reminds me of how much I love games!

May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Carolina said...

:) God Bless you!

Nancy Marshall said...

You puppy is so cute... really adorable. She makes me smile just looking at her pictures.

We play checkers. I actually have a game board but many here use coke/sprite bottle caps on a homemade board.

We play a lot of UNO...maybe your kids would like that. If you can't get a deck of UNO cards let me know and I'll send you some from Belize.

Peace, bro.

Megan Keiser said...