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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Best Not To Apologize For Long Pauses Between Blog Posts, Just Pretend Like You Haven't Been Gone For 2 Weeks And That Everything's Normal.

sometimes we run out of beans.
by beans i mean food in general.
but beans too.
by we i mean me, cristian, manuel, dalmata, chele, keiser and the ducks.
lauro seems to come around a lot at dinner too.
we'll include him in that list.
i almost adopted a stray puppy yesterday but resisted.
so yeah it's just us without the dying puppy.
we all get hungry sometimes.

being poor and all we go to market.
we don't go to mega super.
it's nice, what with it's air conditioning and music but it's too pricey.
my mom says pricey instead of expensive.
like: "ooh, looks like those reeboks are a bit pricey. better take another look at those keds."
ok, so maybe i go to mega super for some things like pine-sol and brauny paper towels...and unscented toilet paper.
but i'm 29 and i'll do what i want.
don't tell my mother.

market is nice though in it's own homey, sweltering way.
you see things like hammocks.

and decapitated pineapples.
not that we buy either on a regular basis.
but they are fun to look and imagine buying.
that's another trick my mother taught us.
look and imagine and it's almost as if you had actually bought it.

being boys, except of course for keiser and the ducks, but the rest of us, we like meat.
lots of it.
we really can't get enough.
100 degree heat doesn't make it terribly appetizing in the market setting.
but we hold our noses and imagine.

imagine you're inside the market house here.

dripping sweat and trying not to inhale too deeply the smell of carrion.
so much better than the mega super isn't it?

fruit is a bit pricey.
every once in a while I buy a package of strawberries.
i wash them, slice them, add sugar and pour them over my cereal.
i think that more or less defeats the purpose of fruits.
i'm basically eating candy with my sugar-coated cereal.
it tastes good though.
and really what are we here for anyway if it's not to enjoy ourselves to the max whilst we can?
funny that my idea of enjoying myself to the max involves a packet of strawberries.

here's an invention that should have been left to die in the rubbish bin of bad recipes.
get this, people here, and by people i mean everyone, boil green bananas and serve them as side dishes with just about any meal imaginable.
chicken nuggets? have a boiled green banana or two.
pork and rice? better wash all that down with a boiled green banana.
spaghetti? what's-a-come-an-a-go, you needa greena banana...a.
they're horrible. they have no flavor, they're hard and disgusting to look at.
and the people here, again, everyone, gobble 'em up like they were chocolate cake.

platanos on the other hand are a gift from above and ought to be treated as such.
i like them cooked green.
or completely yellow/brown.

or somewhere in the middle.

although it takes most of the morning i do like market.
i might like it more if it were air conditioned and had music.
and sold pine-sol.

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Anonymous said...

So little has changed where you shop. We remember it well. The megas have gotten increasingly so.
Mike W.