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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who Are The People In My Neighborood?

I remember that song from my childhood, watching Sesame Street, it came back to me just now. Ok, that's a bizarre, stream-of-conciousness way to begin a post. This post really isn't about my neighborhood per se, if it were it would include Blance, Johnny, Pancha and a lot of chickens. I was looking back through my camera the other day though and noticed that a lot of my recent pictures are close-ups of people's faces; and they're really good. I've been lending the Nikon out to kids and YES'ers as of late and the following then is what they've been seeing through the lense. 

ok, this really wasn't supposed to be my first photo.
blogger.com is not photo friendly.
even though they claim to be.
they're not.
ergo, they make me look arrogant by putting my photo first when I was supposed to be somewhere in the middle.
I am arrogant though.
maybe blogger.com is really about revealing our true selves despite our best intentions.

guarded joy

coffee break
meche claims to be my girlfriend.
i don't deny it nor do i confirm it.
i did procur for her coffee and a seat at the latest community meeting.
she kissed me and blew on my neck.
she's 76.

that's meche's great-grandson.

gossip session around the tortilla maker

these kids are the most photogenic in the community 


ronal and rafa
a happy couple




angie on her birthday

this was uspposed to be the first photo.
not me.
i swear.

pepe being man-handled by abel

blakely and pani in the tamarindo tree

this is the picture of arrogance
i give you...

blakely again

who's gonna mess with that?

a meeting of sorts


any thoughts?



Galen and Phyllis Groff said...

Relationships take your first priority and will pay off with many gifts throughout your life.

Benjamín Poldín said...

Awesome pictures!! Had a fun time reading your update! :)