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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yeah, So About Those Gringos That Keep Popping Up In My Blog Photos...

they would be the eby's.
as in:
andrew, arizona, caleb, eliana and laree.
they're a lovely family; quiet, warm, caring,
i think i'm gonna like them.

i may or may not have stolen this photo from their blog profile.
what gave it away, the winter coats or the barren deciduous tree in the background?
speaking of their blog, here it is: http://weebeeinhonduras.blogspot.com/

so, anyway, the eby's are here for a year.
they arrived in july - which i guess means they'll be leaving next july...or would it be next june?
do you count 12 months or do you count the year as july to july?
i might look into that.
back on topic.
they're here to work both with me in the community of los laureles and with a children's home run by amor viviente church.
that means they'll be splitting their time between both the mennonite church and amor viviente church activities.
this is interesting by-the-bye.
i don't think any emm missionaries have ever worked with both the mennonite church and amor viviente church before.
the two churches aren't the best of friends.
they used to be one and now they're two.
there was some parting of ways years ago.
maybe the eby's are here to help reconile differences as well?

the eby's, as i mentioned, arrived here in july and have been spending the past month or so transitioning into life here in la ceiba.
transitions take time.
lots of it.
especially for whole families.
i took me a good 3-4 months to really feel like this was home.
i missed costa rica.
regardless, i was just one person - i can't imagine a whole darn family.

i've actually enjoyed both watching them and reading another fellow emm worker's blog: http://stacyinczech.blogspot.com/ about her transition into the czech republic because it brings me back to my first days in both san jose, costa rica and here in la ceiba, honduras.
 the mixture of fear, wonderment, excitiement and naivete is something that can only come with moving to a completely new and unknown culture or place.
you feel so helpless, at the complete mercy of strangers with whom you have no other option but than to trust.
your senses are overloaded with new sights, tastes and sounds, new languages, processing what you know to be true back home with what you see now in front of you.
feeling like you'll truly get to know this place seems insurmountable and ridiculous yet you're hopeful and eager to learn the culture and language.
i love all of those feelings.
yet i love being able to call this place home now.

how did this turn into a blog post about me?
people that know me are smiling wryly and thinking of words like narcissism and self-involvement.

so about those eby's.
they've been slowly making their way out into the community, getting to know it and the people here.
the other day they came out for a visit.
they picked the afternoon when the sun is blazing in all its glory and my house feels like a furnace.
so i had all the energy of a slug.
i may or may not have been content to simply observe them interacting with the children here.
i did manage to take a few fotos though.

they brought legos along and both caleb and carlos quickly set about to building
i just love this kid
i know i say it every time he shows up in a blog
but i really mean it
arizona seemed more interested in the kids playing soccer
he's a bit flighty though
so he lost interest in that and came to join our lego fun on the porch
until he noticed my ducks...

so, them's the eby's.
hope you liked 'em because they'll be here (as in my blog) for the next year.

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