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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Laureles Football Update

so it may have just occurred to me as i sat down to write a quick post about the recent soccer happenings that i have written next to nothing about them this season.
which is odd.
for one it consumes a lot of my time.
and there are 2 additional teams to manage this year...which ought to make for more stories/photos
and it's kind of important.
but no, i've let nearly an entire season go by without writing a thing about it.
where has my head been?

at some point i'll have to give a proper redux because this has been an exciting season
not to mention stressful
but this is not the time.
aka, i don't have the time for that right now.
here's what i do have time for:
chihua in goal
he plays for our u-16 team
he's amazing
our u-16 team is anything but

the star of our club is the u-14 team
they're simply a joy to watch
they finished the season in 3rd place out of 13 teams and thus classified for the pentagonal tournament to determine the league champion
this is the most disciplined, dedicated and talented group we have
and their coach there johnny plays a huge role in that
come to think of it our u-18 team isn't too far behind either
they had a rockier season
less disciplined, more red cards, more foul words
but due to some statistical favors they too ended up in 3rd place in their category
this staurday they have their first pentagonal tournament game
they're expecting it to be a cake-walk
i am too
i just don't want to tell them that

then we have the u-16 team

they think they're as good as this

really they're unruly clowns who have lost every game this season
i won't say talentless because they have a lot of it
they're simply undisciplined, un-critiqueable and in their minds the best players on the planet
 before every game i'm regalled with fanatsies about how everyone plans on scoring at least 3 goals and how they plan on making an amazing comeback in the league
and nearly every game we come away scoreless

for some insight take a look at the captain of the team during a pre-game team meeting

he claims his nickname to be CR-7
that would be the intials and jersey number for Cristiano Ronaldo, the star forward for Real Madrid and disputably the best player in the world
eddy is no CR-7

enough ranting

and now for a moment of u-18 zen
oh, i didn't mention the u-12 team because i have no fotos of them
yeah, i've been really good about documentation as of late

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