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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not Our Typical Wednesday Devotional

Normally Wednesdays are our days that we have our weekly devotional with a group of older kids (10-15). We generally meet on the stairsteps that we built a while back and have a rousing good time. This past week Betty Chinchilla from the Peace & Justice Project called me up and asked if she could bring out a friend from the local government during our devotional time. In that I always like to mix it up and keep things fresh I readily agreed. We met in a local church instead of on the steps because Betty managed to round about 40 more kids than what normally come. The local lawmaker presented on caring for God's creation and also managed to bring out some television crews...they interviewed me but I was so nervous I just stammered through an incoherent response.

betty's government connection

the children listening oh so intently

shakira and carlos were both interviewed by the local reporters

afterwards betty herded the kids off to the local kindergarten where they painted the tree and fence posts

abel also thought to paint konrad's shoe

konrad with our newest helper, beton

duke hard at work

betty couldn't find a brush so she just wrapped her hand in plastic and went to work

konrad, in lieu of work, opted to practice his cheerleading lifts with dino

even the erstwhile adonai decided to join in the fun

blanca the kindergarten teacher

dino's best attempt at lady gaga

when not in high school sergio works on the big rigs

a few of the workers that chose to pose for a photo
Blessings to you all. peace!
- mlk

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becca said...

i can't believe you didn't tell the world i'm here....