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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Santa's Little Helpers

So one of the kids that we're closest with, Sergio, turned 15 last Saturday and we decided to treat him and 3 of his closest friends with a trip to the mall and a meal in the Foodcourt. A real treat I know, walking around the mall and eating fast food - but that's what our little buddy opted for. Anyway, we (Sergio, Duke, Bairon, Cristian, Konrad, Becca and Myself) ate at the mall and then spent the afternoon hiding from the rain in my apartment. It started tranquilly enough but quickly devolved .

our birthday boy, checho

mall rats

duke grew so exhausted from walking the mall that he just threw himself on the floor and had to be drug to the exit.

chinese food in honduras with a bunch of gringos

going up

playing cards, it's kind of taboo here...what isn't really

this is where the trouble began, duke began to wrestle with konrad...

which led to biting?!?

which led to duke being clobbered and a freeforall between the whole lot of us...

and that broke my bed frame.
not to worry though, santa's little helpers flew into action. they searched the yard for scraps of wood and old bent nails.

they broke the wood into a piece small enough to create a brace, they pounded straight the old nails and then hammered the whole thing into place with rocks they found outside.
these are the advantages of befriending kids that have to make their own fun.

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