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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The First Mennonite Chicken BBQ Of The Year

As the title says we held our first Chicken BBQ of the year last weekend at church. BBQ's are one of the main fundraisers that the local church has; they learned them, along with the recipe for the marinade from the Mennonite Missionaries that came here 40 and 50 years ago and it's become something of a sacred institution. We began our day at 5 am sharp and didn't quit till noon. I went home and slept.
picking the chickens, all 800 of them

lighting the grill

the side dishes

chopping from 5 in the morning till noon

cleaning the birds

tarps were set up in case of rain

loading up the grills

i brought 4 of my boys along to help us out

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Rob Dyck said...

I am a big fan of cooking, especially BBQ! Also a Mennonite, I have started to put some of my favorite recipes and techniques on a blog. You can find that here:



Rob Dyck