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Monday, June 14, 2010

Black Out

So I believe we experienced a sub-continent-wide, nearly 3 hour long blackout last night...and I didn't even realize it until it was almost over - that's how observant I am. I have a good excuse though; our soccer team won. We have 2 teams you know, U-12 and U-14 (the U-12's are the ones pictured below getting ready in the cattle truck); yesterday the U-12's lost but our U-14's had a a near perfect game with a win over our now bitter rivals, The Tigers. The very first game we ever played was against The Tigers, we lost in a hard fought match 2-1; the second time we met we played much better and led the entire time 1-0 but those wily Tigers scored in the last few minutes of the game to tie it up and they only reason they were able to so was because the dopey referee allowed the game to continue on for 10 minutes beyond regulation play. This time however we dominated in nearly every way but at half-time we were still tied 1-1, so in an act of desperation I agreed to take the kids to dinner that night if they won the game. The kids responded, scored 2 more goals and kept the other team scoreless to make it a 3-1 win.

True to my word then Konrad and I took the winning group out to dinner at Pizza Hut last night and whilst we were eating that overly greasy monstrosity that tries to pass as pizza the lights went out...and then they came back on. This is not strange here in Central America, the expression "se fue la luz" at times can be heard here at least once a week; the power goes out for a little bit and then comes right back, very often the outage is limited to just a certain neighborhood or even just a few sections of a neighborhood. Thus, no one really paid it any mind that the lights flickered for a little bit and we didn't realize, thanks to the generators supplied by the restaurant and the mall that the rest of La Ceiba and Honduras...and much of Central America for that matter was completely dark...without light. In fact Konrad and I didn't realize it until after we had sent our kids back home and jumped in our own taxi to go back to our house that everything seemed eerily dark and there seemed to be inordinate amounts of people just wandering the streets in the pitchblack. That's when the taxi driver told us what was happening, he advised us to get home quickly and to unplug everything because there would be a surge when the lights did come back. It felt kind of like a zombie movie. By this time of course the lights had been out for 2 hours so we lit some candles shared a bottle of wine and waited for the power to return...we didn't have to wait long, about an hour, it kind of seemed like a let-down. Anyway, here's the story now in picture form:

our u-12 kids getting ready in the cattle truck yesterday morning
samir and memo

juan carlos has to be one of my favorites, all he has to do is smile and i'll do whatever he asks of me...example: i would never let anyone else sit on top of the cab

our victorious u-14's waiting to get the bus to go to pizza

i lit every candle i had

unfortunately i didn't really keep an eye on this one and it got away from me
and all on to the floor

that was a fun one to clean up

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