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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Day

This past week students everywhere had off from clases, in honor of what, I'm not sure; surely it's not for putting in long, consecutive hours at the 'ole schoolhouse. These people call off school for just about any reason and when they aren't out for ridiculous holidays then it seems the teachers are on strike for some trite reason or other. Never being ones to pass up a chance at an outing with the kids though, Konrad and I rounded up 17 of our very favorites, put them on a random bus heading east and got off at the entrance to the local water park. Let me tell you, it was a blast; the kids had never experienced anything like it and they were simply giddy all day long...and well behaved too. I was happy - it was a good day.

ok they did more than just float under a watery mushroom, there were lots of slides too but i was too lazy to get up and take pictures so all of these fotos are taken from the comfort of my seat.

actually everyone seemd to enjoy it except cristian...he's suddenly grown self-conscious and refuses to take off his shirt to swim, which means he couldn't swim at the water park.

more mushroom

typical konrad ignoring the world and reading something utterly profound and life-altering


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