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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quaker School Has Now Begun, No More Laughing No More Fun...

Ok, we're not Quakers but Mennonites just don't have their own rhyme about school like the Friends do. Anyways, we're into our 3rd week of tutoring and it seems to be going quite well. Youth from the church, the Mennonite, non-Quaker one, come out to the community 3 times a week and give 2 hour tutoring sessions to a specific group of kids that have been marked as failing by their teachers. Our scholarship high school students are also required to participate and though they complain I think deep down their grateful for the extra help. We use the big, empty building that I have the keys to and it's glorious - Thursday it's utter mayhem in there with our Bible School but on Tutoring Days you can hear a pin drop. I love the sound of learning.

neto with his tutor, walter

another shot of neto

2 of our high schoolers, cristian & sergio

daniela, all 3 feet 5 inches of her

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