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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Month

November is by far my month with the most birthdays to celebrate - we have a grand total of 15. Not all have been featured nor have all been fetted yet but the following 4 are the birthdays from last week. Interesting note, in that we're into our 2nd year of celebrating a lot of the kids know which other kids celebrate around the same day that they do - they've formed a special sort of birthday bond. Kids that wouldn't normally give each other the time of day throughout the year get all giggly and giddy with each other and insist on beng present for each other's celebrations. I haven't put my finger on what's it all about exactly but it does make me smile.

ok, mateito didn't celebrate this past week but he certainly has become an addict to all things sweet. here he's pressing his body towards the cake in hopes of reaching it.

his cousin karla turned 13 - please pray for karla, she's a sweet girl but there's a lot of pitfalls out there awaiting her.

it's true, i love chucu.

this is chucu, also known as carlos, and i absolutley love this kid.

cantu not so much, kid of bothers me in every conceivable way...but hey, a birthday negates all of that for a day.

pichol, who saw jesus in the clouds a while back, turned 6.

and mateo still hasn't gotten his cake

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