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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Honduran Thanksgiving

This was by far my most non-traditional Thanksgiving yet. The past 2 years I've gotten together with my Presbyterian friends to share in a very traditional feast; unfortunately this year they're on furlough and so this past Thursday I was on my own to think of a way to pass the holiday. As luck would have it a very interesting and wonderful day fell right in my lap.

Those of you who read my November Update will know that as a result of Soplo I've gotten to know quite a few of the older youth in Los Laureles. This past Wednesday I was feeling hot and sweaty and had an hour to kill so I thought to make a quick run to the mountains and jump in the river. Not wanting to go it alone I decided to invite Manuel (one of those older youth that have started coming to church) along for the ride. On the way back I pointed out the waterfall that flows out of the National Park and mentioned how beautiful it is up there, he in turn said he'd like to go sometime and I thus suggested we go the next day (Thanksgiving). I invited Soplo and Duke as well and early the next morning we started on our journey. After the waterfall and the requisite 2 hour hike, we visited one of my favorite swimming holes and then headed back to town to a local restaurant that serves a passable Thanksgiving imitation Dinner and then the rest of the day we rested and played the Wii (graciously provided by Konrad). It was an atypical Thanksgiving in many respects but that common thread of spending meaningful time with the people you love held true...I am thankful.

a long-shot of the waterfall from the road

a close-up

some of laureles' finest
duke, soplo & jeta


who invited michael jackson

last of the mohicans-ish

by the by, the water is frigid

manuel (jeta), headed for the waterfall

soplo opted to not get wet and observed from afar

duke taking in the sun at our swimming hole

the cangrejal river

soplo & jeta


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Galen and Phyllis Groff said...

What a good investment in the lives of three men. God's way of beginning transformations in their lives in His beautiful creation!