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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Varela Birthdays

Continuing on then with the birthdays this past week we had both Carlitos, also known as Chihua, and his little sister Dariana. I love this family, the way the take care of each other, the way they all tend to their mother...they way all 7 of them sleep in one bed. They're incredibly close and their daily interactions and ventures just leave me in stitches. We had a good 2 days celebrating the back-to-back birthdays.
the youngest of the varela crew...still not sure how i feel about him

ok, this isn't related to anything...it's just Kaka half-observing the fiesta. he's been hanging around a lot lately, on the fringes. which is fine, he's a joy to be around, it's just a bit curious.

chihua is now 15. i remember the first time i met him 2 years ago - it seems like yesterday that i invited him and his brother to go to the river with us. he has become such a huge part of my life and door to so many other people within the community. he has enormous influence with the other kids and it's almost always for the good. chihua is such that if i need to sway the opinion of a group of kids i go to him first and allow him to do it - he's like the pied piper of los laureles.

and then there's his simpleton sister, dariana. megan keiser anyone?

having eaten his cake it's now time to escape

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