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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Death March To the Waterfall

I mentioned yesterday that cousin and boyfriend showed up in their motorhome the other week...
ok, this is them really, though I think I prefer the other photo. Anyshway, as is our wont and custom, we took the two unsuspecting gringos into the mountains under the pretext of a lovely stroll through the forest terminating at a delightful and inviting waterfall. Nothing could be further from the truth really; it's actually similar to a forced death march with steep inclines and switchbacks nearly the entire leg of the journey. One is forced to traverse rock slides, slippery declines and inclines that grade at a frightful pitch. The journey leads you to a waterfall to be sure but in order to enjoy it you have to descend a rock wall made slippery by spray, moss and worms and then climb over boulders of the same. The hike, if it can be called that, is essentially a 2 hour-long test in patience and endurance - 5 minutes in you want it to be over. This is Nelson's schtick really, he made me do it in my first month here and every time a foreigner comes to town all hazy-eyed and innocent we quick hog-tie 'em, throw them in the back of the truck, drive into the mountains and then cattle-prod them all the way to the waterfall. It's a real treat.
We brought dog along too - she was like a jungle cat roaming the forest, leaping small boulders and fording streams. I was proud.

We brought girlfriend along too - she was like a jungle cat roaming the forest, leaping small boulders and fording streams. I was proud.

Chihua was our guide as he's been on this twisted form of punishment many a time with Nelson and myself.

Once at the waterfall one is expected to write one's name one a fallen tree; it's similar to marking your name on the wall of your jail cell.

A creepy/artsy shot of cousin.

and boyfriend.

falling water, Frank Lloyd Wright would be mesmerized. I always want to say Andrew Lloyd Webber which is funny because the two couldn't be more different.

a quick and unhealthy drink.

dog was almost lunch for our young raptor friend.

On the way back four of the guys decided to take the swinging basket instead of the swinging bridge. It turned our to be much harder than what they had imagined.

Rafita had to help them along the way.

You'll notice that Nelson (back-left), leader of the expedition, is doing absolutely no work.

And after seeing me taking photos he decides to stand up and flex his muscles.

If you value your life never visit me in Honduras.

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