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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Monday, March 21, 2011

Update On Der Haus von Keiser

So it's been a week since last I posted which is out of character for me I know. I have a good excuse though: my cousin and her boyfriend came to visit:as you can see they came dressed prepared for any weather that might befall us. That and I spent a good portion of the week in the hospital with my goalie from the U-14 team; the combination of the two left me with little time or energy to even think about blogging. Anyways, the cousin and boyfriend flew the coop and goalie-sans-knee is back in the community and so I am back with a vengeance.
I realized soon after blogging my last post that I failed to give any shots of the final product so the following then are a few slides of the final touches the kids put on my wall of dirt.

where once you could hang from the bottom of this tube, it is now covered completely by earth

the kids scoured the community for spare tires to build a make-shift retaining wall. had they not all of that earth that they hauled would have washed away with the first serious thunderstorm.
my porch, the new earth, the retaining wall, blanca's roof.
we're kind of on top of each other here.

this used to be a ditch that i could stand in and not be able to see over the wall.
we haven't finished on the far end there because the final column in the wall needs to be poured yet.

ok that's two fotos of basically the same thing, i'm getting a bit sloppy.

another angle of the new tire wall

So then after taking those "final product" fotos I remembered Lois Huston. She's a lovely lady from Frazer Mennonite Church who had asked that I post fotos of the outside of my home so that she could get an idea of what it looked like. I said: "sure Lois, just let me wash down the floors once and I'll get right to it." That was back in January. So Lois, if you're still reading this blog of mine, the following is for you; just remember that I haven't painted it yet...I'm thinking of olive and white for the trim. Give it a real jungle effect.

looking up the path to my home

the final two steps before the landing

the front door

again with the front door

in the morning we put out the towels and wet clothes on the front porch to dry

the landing.
johnny the soccer coach lives in that house below there

the stone wall that holds the hill that is the path up into the other homes

the front door again from the view of the back door

the right side of my house
that back corner is the retaining wall that had fallen down in october

looking out in the other direction

looking out from the left side of the house

keiser's landing

gnawing on something she found in the dirt

the landing, the canal ad the other landing that leads up to pancha and oscar's house

the canal.
the tubes are from my outside sink and the downspout from the house

the canal runs from pancha's sink, down through my property and then on to blanca's where it lets out into a gutter.

the outside sink behind the house.
we fill this up twice a week and use it to bathe and wash the dishes.

cousin and boyfriend in the hammock behind the house

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