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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pancha & Oscar's House

I took some time mid-day today to visit with Pancha, Oscar and family - something I haven't done in a while. And whilst I was digesting my lunch I noticed a page from the newspaper embedded into the dirt outside in the "front yard" of the home. I found it humorous and interesting so I whipped out my camera and snapped a shot. I then noticed something else peculiar and then something else and fairly soon I was like a house afire, taking photos of anything that crossed my lense. These then are the following interesting scenes found at two of my favorite people's home this warm, breezy Tuesday Afternoon. Hmm, I think that's a song...ok, quick, random thought. I've always loved and been frightened by that song. I remember listening to it on 102.7 KISS FM late at night as a boy as I lay trying to fall asleep. Maybe it was a combination of the haunting opening bars and the soft, green glow of the stereo set but it always gave me shivers and forced me to burrow further under the covers. At the same time I was always enchanted and lulled by the beautiful melody. O, those Moody Blues. Ok, so back to my afternoon of picture taking.

the comic carpet that started it all

a scene of disaster o'er the drying laundry
(this here will be a post either tomorrow or thursday)

who's gaurding the hen house?

tricksy cesar eating lunch

waiting for lunch

afternoon siesta

i've been spotted

taking a breather

warding off the dengue
elgardo is one of the lucky ones here in laureles, most families can't afford such luxuries

neighbor girl

not sure.

cooking the old-fashioned way

the bathtub

alerting his father of his need to use the facility

still waiting

an interesting bird

she was born with only one foot

she's a hopper

more garbage cometh

proud of his cleats

up from his nap
That's it for today - tomorrow I plan on talking about the garbage sitch. Stay Tuned! peace.

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La Gringa said...

promises, promises! Curious minds want to know....

Please tell us what you know about the garbage situation.